Introducing tanuki™ .

The smartest computational mechanics toolset for engineering and research.

The engineer's best friend

tanuki™ is a toolset for engineering and research powered by state-of-the-art technology in computational mechanics. It’s used by companies and researchers in civil and structural engineering, rock mechanics, powder technology, material science and the energy sector.

High-fidelity simulations of fracture and deformation based on the latest scientific research.

tanuki™ brings you state-of-the-art computational technology, such as the finite-discrete element method for multi-body and fully coupled multi-scale simulations, based on the latest scientific research available to date.

Bridging the gap between industry and academia.​

tanuki™ was developed independently by university researchers from Imperial College London and UCL, and is based on the latest scientific research in computational mechanics.

New features every month.​

tanuki™ is quickly evolving to keep up with the latest research, by adding new features and technologies to its toolset, with the goal of becoming the go-to computational mechanics software for engineering and science.

A unique software that evolves around your needs.

Unlike other software, we are able to work with university researchers and developers to create on demand tailor-made extensions to tanuki™ to fit specialised applications that no wholesale software can tackle.

Delivering high-performance computing on the cloud.

tanuki™ is hosted entirely on the cloud, where you will be able to harness the computational power of high-performance computers from any workstation or laptop, anywhere.

A seamless user experience.

tanuki™'s user interface is intuitive, customisable and runs smoothly on all major internet browsers. A lot of other computational mechanics software is great on paper, but difficult to navigate. Instead, tanuki™ allows you to access beautiful, interactive visualisations of your simulations and results. We keep it simple so you can spend more time doing the things that matter to you.

Where artificial intelligence meets computational mechanics.

tanuki™ uniquely harnesses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver a seamless user experience. Based on minimal user input, tanuki is able to smartly infer the other parameters that are needed to run your simulation, and does most of the work for you.

Why tanuki™ ?

In Japanese folklore, the tanuki or raccoon dog has the magical ability to change its appearance at will. tanuki™ is a toolset for computational mechanics that - just like the tanuki of those ancient tales - is able to transform itself. Instead of magic, it uses the power of artificial intelligence, adapting to the needs of engineers and researchers in a broad range of fields and delivering a seamless, customised user experience.

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